“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” Trailer #2

When I saw “Star Wars” (there was no Episode moniker attached to it back then) back in 1977, I was all of 5 years of age.  I have to admit, I was completely clueless.  I hadn’t seen trailer one so there was absolutely zero anticipation level upon entering the theater.  I had only really heard whispers of the title and wouldn’t have gone in the first place if it hadn’t been for my wonderful older sister.  She had insight enough to know that my fragile little mind would be completely blown and it was a must that I attend a viewing for the edification of my soul.  God bless her.

Ok, so that was 40 years ago and eight movies and a plethora of media since and that ship just keeps on sailing along with the likes of Trek and the good Doctor.  It’s a well known fact that Disney is the proud owner of this wonderful franchise and they seem to aim to please the fans while making piles of cash in the process.  So far, so good I think.  Let’s face it, the “Force Awakens” was a box office hit and, despite the initial euphoria of having received such a well made Star Wars flick by directing favorite J.J. Abrams, gained some mixed reviews after critics and analysts had a chance at a second and third viewing.  But, whatever right?  I think the main takeaway was that Disney is now promising Star Wars content for the rest of “our” lives.  I mean, not that it had really stopped in the first place, but that we will now receive movies pertaining to that galaxy far, far away on an annual basis.  Count me in.

So, back to my original thought about no anticipation.  I have to admit that the first time I saw the teaser for the “Force Awakens,” I was still waylaid with shock after my initial 1977 exposure right on up to the supposedly disappointing prequel trilogy… but my commentary on that subject is coming soon.  I remember the exact moment I saw the teaser: I was standing in my kitchen preparing myself a little snack before I took a break from my long week of slaving away in corporate America.  Seriously, I was simply trying to mind my own business and forget about the worries and cares of the world when all of a sudden…bam!!!  My flipping roommate shoved his super sized screen Nexus 6 in my face and yells…”Hey!  Watch this!   Honestly he had startled me so bad, I wanted to slap the phone out of his hand and continue with my snack.  But when I turned to look at him and give him a piece of my mind, there was this oddly strange and frightening grin on his face that expressed that I’d better watch this video …or else.  So I took a deep breath and focused intently on the screen.  Suddenly a beautiful blue sky atop a desert landscape appeared on the screen.  My heart began to pound faster and faster as I realized what had been placed before my eyes.  Before I could react though, Finn pops into the screen and I absolutely lost it.  I felt very depressed as my 12 month wait began.  Damn you George Lucas and your amazing creation.

So here we are a couple of months from “The Last Jedi.”  Any comments or theories or is everyone anxiously awaiting “Star Trek: Discovery” instead?


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