Arrow Season 6: Mixing It Up

I have to admit that I was never a Green Arrow fan and quite frankly didn’t know much about him as a character until I started watching some of the animated Justice League shows.  Recently I decided to take on the watching of the show Arrow and didn’t start until around season five’s completion. So course, I sat and binge watched the entire show on Netflix and I have to admit that I have no regrets about it.

I think as far as superhero shows go, Arrow is on the campier side when it comes to storytelling and even some of the action but overall it’s been a somewhat joyous ride with high-quality production.  As far as the story goes, the show started off somewhat slow in my opinion at least for the first few episodes as they built up the character of Oliver Queen to develop into an action-packed superhero.  Now , I use the term “super”  loosely in the sense that Arrow is more like Batman than he is Superman because he absolutely does not have super powers but possesses more of a super resolve.  His determination is unparalleled ability to fight crime and protect those that he loves is what makes him formidable in anyone’s book. Sometimes those Heroes with high intellect and unstoppable determination are more powerful than the ones that have all the superpowers at their fingertips.

Arrow’s a prime example of this type of resolve in a hero and it makes for a very enjoyable show. The other factor involved in what makes it interesting is that he, as a superhero is very influential to those around him and eventually builds a very supportive team and foundation that helps him in his quest to “take back the city.”  I do very much like the complexity of Oliver Queen as a human being and character, in the sense that he has a very heavy heart and has taken on so much responsibility for the sins of his father.  This is the general premise of Arrow is that he fights crime and fights to “take back the city”  because he is working to correct the mistakes and sins of his father who was a mastermind and part of an organization that was looking to make the world more of a paradise via extreme means.  What his father ends up doing is realizing the error of his ways and implores Oliver to return to Star City (formerly Starling City) to correct his mistakes, a heavy burden to be sure.  Oliver works too create this new city by ridding it of all the criminal elements that abound but it continuously weighs on his heart and eventually forces him to change who he is as a person and his perspective on how he should make things right.  I’d like the development of the Oliver Queen character because you see him grow as a person and change in his viewpoints while staying consistent with who he is as a person overall.

The other characters that support Oliver in his quest also make for interesting watches especially when we get to characters such as Diggle who is the Arrow’s right-hand man and Felicity Smoak who is the quintessential nerd babe genius hacker who provides him with a continuous flow of invaluable information designed to thwart their enemies.  The latter two manage to keep Oliver very balanced and focused as a person and effective as his alter-ego the Green Arrow.  The show makes it clear that without them he would spiral into an absolute world of Cruelty and Madness, something that would be very dangerous not only to criminals but to the ones he loves.

Image result for team arrow season 5

Again, I didn’t think I would take to viewing Arrow but upon hearing several people speak of it in a positive light I thought I would give it a try.  So far seasons 1 through 5 have proven to be filled with ever growing villains who often times seem impossible to make go away.  Season five had a particularly annoying villain that managed to put the Green Arrow  in a situation that could possibly finish him in a psychologically permanent way.  The cliffhanger left us with enough as to how he could ever recover from such a dilemma, the way a proper good versus evil plot should be.  If the season 6 trailer is any indication, we should be in for a treat as Oliver works to maintain his sanity and everything he’s worked so hard to achieve.

If you’re into comics then it may be a no-brainer for those who are familiar with the DC Universe, but if you’re like me where I only have television references, then I have to admit that the show was a pleasant surprise.  With that said I think network television has done a pretty good job with making the Green Arrow, Flash and shows such as Supergirl worth watching and have justified the whole notion of the Arrowverse, something I found a little disturbing when I first heard about it.  I definitely found that disturbing in a sense that I thought they would eventually all be a part of the Justice League but they decided to keep the two worlds separate.  And you know what, it’s ok and it works.  I think the separation gives a greater opportunity for the heroes who have had to take a back seat to the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman.  If you haven’t seen it and may be slightly curious I think it’ll be worth a look see. Check out seasons 1 through 5 on Netflix now.


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