“Avengers: Infinity War” – “Thanos” the Movie in Review

So, I've spoken repeatedly to this point of the importance of movie makers as well as artists, business persons and us regular old folks on telling a good story above all else. If done so, just about every other aspect of the presentation can be forgiven. That is to say, low budget graphics or cgi,... Continue Reading →

The Avengers Having Fun As Usual…

Just in case you all haven't seen this bit of hilarity, here's a video post of the Avengers performing a "Brady Bunch" opening theme song parody based in the spirit of Jimmy Fallon campy humor.  I'm totally looking forward to seeing the movie tonight and hope it lives up to the tremendous buildup that we've... Continue Reading →

Star Trek Discovery: Season 1 – Mixing It Up

So CBS finished up on their first season of “Star Trek Discovery” which also rounded out their first successfully completed original show on their new streaming network. But I’m not too concerned about that scenario and information can be found on that here at Cinemablend. In my opinion, there are too many folks jumping on... Continue Reading →

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